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Dressage with Kyra, Kyrklund, Lemkow

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A Clear and concise guide to the unique training system that has brought Kyra Kyrklund so much success in the dressage world.

Wheather starting out with young horse or competing in Grand Prix, riders will find the text crammed with inspired training tips and encouraging advice.

Kyra firmly believes that when a horse and rider are working together, not only should the picture look easy, but also it should be easy for both parties - her book explains precisely how to achieve this.

paperback, 188x245 mm, 144 pages, 1998 rp. 2006

Dressage with Kyra,  Kyrklund, Lemkow
 Dressage with Kyra,  Kyrklund, Lemkow

Hinta: 33.00 €
Valm. koodi: Kenilworth
Tuotekoodi: 9781872119656
Koko: 188x245 mm
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