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DVD PAKETTITARJOUS 9 (sis.4 dvd) -90%

dvd paketti 9 , sisältää seuraavat 4 dvd:tä

- Hands on with Mary Bromiley (34,90€)
- Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina (39,00€)
- Equestrian Pilates (29,90€)
- Hall of fame, Great Dressage Horses 1 (33,00€)
Paketin normaalihinta: 136,80€


Hands on with Mary Bromiley, dvd

Hands on with Mary Bromiley, dvd

Muscles, Massage and Magnetism. Learn how to improve the athletic performance of your horse with the well known Chartered Physiotherapist Mary Bromiley, a leading expert in this field with over 25 years experience.

Hands On with Mary Bromiley - Muscles, Massage and Magnetism 

Learn how to improve the athletic performance of your horse with the well known Chartered Physiotherapist Mary Bromiley, a leading expert in this field with over 25 years experience. 

Mary has been involved with horses all her life and, since proving on her own horses that the principles of human rehabilitation are safe and effective for all species, she now treats horses and dogs as well as humans from her own rehabilitation center at Downs House in Berkshire. 

Massage for muscle care is an ancient art and this program is designed to give a better understanding of the reasons for massage. Mary starts by introducing us to the basic anatomy of the horse in order to appreciate the main areas for massage. She then moves on to describe magnetism, a therapy complimentary to massage, and follows this by a look at the basic massage strokes and their effects on the horse. 

The application of strokes is clearly shown, first as individual techniques and then as a combination during a condition massage. 

The program ends with a demonstration of passive stretches designed to improve the suppleness of the moving parts.

Approx. 60 mins

Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina, Dvd

Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina, Dvd

A well balanced and effective seat is the foundation for successful riding and even the best riders in the world have to consistantly check up on their seat throughout their riding life. This exercises in this programme will help you develop better balance and flexibilty and improve the coordination and sensitivity of your aids, bot on the flat and for jumping, so your riding becomes a more enjoyable experience. 

1. Working with short stirrup and the two¨ 
point position. 
2. Sitting level. 
3. Position of pelvis and preparation for sitting trot. 
4. Legs away. 
5. The elastic contact. 
6. Coordinating your hands. 
7. Using your body to turn the horse. 
8. Where you look is where you go. 
9. Transitions. 

Approx. 152 mins.

Equestrian Pilates Dvd

Equestrian Pilates Dvd

Follow Gemma and her students ove a four-month period of Pilates self-discovery. 

running time 3 hours

Equestrian Pilates with Gemma Tattesall is an innovative DVD aimed at the aspiring beginner to tntermediate rider. Using a combination of riding demonstrations and specially designed pilates exercises it helps move the viewer to the next level in their riding acroll alla disiplines, be it dressage, show jumping of cross country. 

With the evergy and riding talents of rising eventing star - Gemma Tottersall, along with the knowledge and focus of Pilates instructor, Mary Thornton BSc (Hons) MCSP HPC, the viewer is taken, over a four month period on a fascinating equestrian journey. Initially Gemma assesses her four students in the mènage for their common rider faults. They then complete Mary`s specially designed regime of exercises on a weekly basis. Their journey is completed when they are back in the mènage with Gemma and we see the remarkable developments these exercises have made to their riding. 

More riders are becoming aware of the importance of fitness, summleness and balance. British Equestrian Coaches are talking more about the importance of care stability, which can take riders ot the next level of competition in any sphere of riding. 

Included pilates exercises. 
- Spine Curls 
- Wide Squat 
- Arm Circles and Openings 
- Butterfly / Hamstring Stretch 
- Pelvic Press 
- Leg Slide 
- Dumb Waiter 
- Ball Posture 
- Rising Trot (Ball) 
- Mermeid 
- Spine Twist 
- Arm Floats 
... and many more

Hall of Fame, Great Dressage Horses 1, dvd

Hall of Fame, Great Dressage Horses 1, dvd

Through popular demand Great Dressage Horses 1, originally produced for video in 1993 is no available ion DVD. 

Equestrian Vision has been in existence for over 25 years and from its existence archive library has unearthed classic footage of former champions. 

To any dressage connoisseur the following names will bring back great memories Ahlerich, Dutch Courage, Marzog, Corlandus, Matador, Dutch Gold, Andiamo, Dikson, Gigolo, Ideaal, Goldstern, Fabienne and Rembrandt. 

Approx 58 mins.












 DVD PAKETTITARJOUS 9 (sis.4 dvd) -90%

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