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- Intuitive Touch with Horses (36,00€)
- Informed bitting (42,00€)
- Think Equus, Approach to clipping, Peace Michael (46,00€)
- Hands on with Mary Bromiley (34,90€)
- The horses foot  (69,00€)

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Intuitive Touch with Horses, Dvd

Intuitive Touch with Horses, Dvd

Introduction to a unique, simple and powerful synergy for you and your horse’s health and harmony, on the ground or in the saddle. Interactive for people and horses of all ages. Easy-to-follow and inspiring: 

The Nature of Horses 
• Awareness 
• Bodywork 
Scratching - The Horse’s Way of Massage 
• Acupressure 
Centering Breathwork 
• Nonverbal Communication 

Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones are Licensed Massage Therapists, former holistic Veterinary Technicians and coauthors of Bodywork for Dogs - Intuitive Touch® through Massage, Acupressure and Awareness. They combine their decades of experience and a life-long kinship with animals. 

approx. 68 min

Informed bitting dvd vol 1

Informed bitting dvd vol 1

DVD 1: 
The first steps to bitting 
- Do you want to know about your Horse Holistically? 
- Hava a good working knowledge of the inside of your horses mount? 
- Assess your own Horses mouth conformation? 
- Understand Resistance? 
- Look at Bits and how they work? 

Innovative animation techniques. Clear concise information. Stunning visual reference. Step by step guidance. 

Approx. 45 mins

Think Equus, Approach to clipping, Peace Michael, Dvd

Think Equus, Approach to clipping, Peace Michael, Dvd

Over the past twenty years Michael Peace has developed a unique way of working with and understanding young and problem horses.Using established principles of psychology and behaviour together with his own work and experience with thousands of horses worldwide, Michael`s Think Equus philosophy has become a world renowned phenomen. His best selling books, videos, dvds together with his public demonstrations, private visits and work at home have helped thousands of horse owners achieve a better understanding of their horse`s needs enabling them to develop their full potential. During this hour long DVD Michael takes a horse who has become completely phobic of the clippers and shows just how with the correct presentation, his approach can transform a horse's perspective from one of total negativity to that of complete acceptance. It looks like magic but as you watch Michael work through each stage and explain his step by step procedure in detail it all appears totally logical. Michael explains "...all I`m doing is enabling the shift in perception necessary for the horse to consider and ultimately overcome his own anxieties. 

Approx 60 min

Hands on with Mary Bromiley, dvd

Hands on with Mary Bromiley, dvd

Muscles, Massage and Magnetism. Learn how to improve the athletic performance of your horse with the well known Chartered Physiotherapist Mary Bromiley, a leading expert in this field with over 25 years experience.

Hands On with Mary Bromiley - Muscles, Massage and Magnetism 

Learn how to improve the athletic performance of your horse with the well known Chartered Physiotherapist Mary Bromiley, a leading expert in this field with over 25 years experience. 

Mary has been involved with horses all her life and, since proving on her own horses that the principles of human rehabilitation are safe and effective for all species, she now treats horses and dogs as well as humans from her own rehabilitation center at Downs House in Berkshire. 

Massage for muscle care is an ancient art and this program is designed to give a better understanding of the reasons for massage. Mary starts by introducing us to the basic anatomy of the horse in order to appreciate the main areas for massage. She then moves on to describe magnetism, a therapy complimentary to massage, and follows this by a look at the basic massage strokes and their effects on the horse. 

The application of strokes is clearly shown, first as individual techniques and then as a combination during a condition massage. 

The program ends with a demonstration of passive stretches designed to improve the suppleness of the moving parts.

Approx. 60 mins

The horses foot cd

The horses foot cd

An interactive, educational multimedia program, narrated throughout, for everyone who works with horses - professionally or for pleasure. 

A practical overview of the anatomy of the horse foot enhanced by 3D animations. 

an in-depth exploration on 21 diseases and conditions of hte horse foot enhanced by photographs and illustrations. 

A radiographic reference including principles of radiography, required equipment, foot pretaration and standard radiographic views. 

A discussion of the principles of hoof balance and how to assess foot/limb balance. 

An exploration of the dundamentals of trimming and shoeing including hoof repair, hoof pads and a visual library or common horse shoes. 

Authors: Simon Curtis, FWCF, Marcus Head, BVetMed, MRCV, Richard Payne, BSc, BVc, Cert ES (Orth), MRCVS 

System requirements: 
Pentium 133 MHz or better 
16 Mb or RAM recommended 
Microsoft Windows 95 or better






 Hyvinvointi 1 (4dvd, 1cd) -90%

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