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Koulu Dvd Paketti 4 (sis. 6 dvd) -70%

dvd paketti 4, sisältää seuraavat 6. dvd:tä
- Motivation of Dressage Horses
 (45.00 €)
- Minette Rice Edwards, Understanding art of Riding (32,00€)
- Dressage explained, The secret of successfull Halt (39,50€)
- Anky`s music, Cd + dvd von Grunsven Anky  (46,00€)
- Anky, Dancing with Bonfire (22,50€)
- Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina (39,00€)
Paketin normaalihinta 224,00€

Motivation of Dressage Horses

Motivation is an all-round subject. How do you increase a dressage horse's motivation and eagerness and to enhance its strength? Richard Hinrichs presents various methods to help facilitate the training of difficult and ambitious excercises. This film shows how fascinating Classical Baroque riding can be. 

Approx. 50 mins.

Minette Rice Edwards, Understanding art of Riding, DVD

Minette Rice Edwards, Understanding art of Riding, DVD

Minette Rice Edwards uses her lifetime's experience to show how everyday riders with ordinary horses can dramatically improve their performance by more effective communication. Chapters include Walk on the lunge; Trot on the lunge; Bending the horse; and Transitions.

This DVD simplifies the art of riding and gives the viewer clear, concise explanations that are not only absorbing to follow but are also a delight to watch. PAL format only. Approx running time 90 minutes.

Dressage explained, The secret of successfull Halt, part 1 dvd

Dressage explained, The secret of successfull Halt, part 1 dvd

The secret of a succesful Halt

A successful halt is the key to good riding. It’s of the greatest importance, often used and practiced, yet surrounded by uncertainty and misunderstanding. 

So, how does one get the perfect “halt”? What does “sit back and deep in the saddle” mean anyway? Why does the leg have to be on when I want to halt? How can I resist without pulling backward? What should I do when my horse leans on the bit? Why does it always take me half a circle to manage to go from trot to walk? 

At last, these endless questions are explained and the techniques for successful halts taught. The program features both amateurs and professionals including Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke. Well known physiotherapist Helle Kathrine Kleven explains the biomechanical reactions to the aids during a halt. 

Born in 1949, Reinhart Koblitz is a professional riding instructor and German Riding Association trainer with more than 40 years experience. He currently trains his students from the lower levels up to successfully competing at FEI including the Olympics. 

Running time approx 44 mins.

Anky`s music, Cd + dvd von Grunsven Anky -20%

Anky`s music, Cd + dvd von Grunsven Anky

Anky's Music. DVD. 

Two disc special. CD - 10 tracks of original freestyle music composed for Anky van Grunsven, including the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Kur. Approx 60 mins. 
The DVD takes a look behind the scenes and sees the making of the world famous Olympic Kur music composed for Anky and her horses. 

Approx 60

Anky, Dancing with Bonfire, dvd

Anky, Dancing with Bonfire, dvd


So many schoolgirls dream of riding a wonder horse and becoming a champion - for Holland's Anky van Gruswen this dream has become true and she and the great Bonfire have taken the dicipline of "Dressage To Music" to a new and higher plane of excellence, thrilling audiences worldwide during the last decade of the 20th Century. 

Filmed at her home, Anky with the help of her trainer and partner Sjef, recalls how she turned a just broken two year old, with a penchant for bucking, into an outstanding champion and the programme shows many of her unforgettable rides which illustrate the way their career has blossomed over the years. But the road to stardom was littered with many challenges, and Anky explains how she has overcome so many of the obstacles. 

This is the story of how both horse and rider conquered all and became champions of the Kúr. 

Approx 70 min

Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina, Dvd

Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina, Dvd

A well balanced and effective seat is the foundation for successful riding and even the best riders in the world have to consistantly check up on their seat throughout their riding life. This exercises in this programme will help you develop better balance and flexibilty and improve the coordination and sensitivity of your aids, bot on the flat and for jumping, so your riding becomes a more enjoyable experience. 

1. Working with short stirrup and the two¨ 
point position. 
2. Sitting level. 
3. Position of pelvis and preparation for sitting trot. 
4. Legs away. 
5. The elastic contact. 
6. Coordinating your hands. 
7. Using your body to turn the horse. 
8. Where you look is where you go. 
9. Transitions. 

Approx. 152 mins.






 Koulu Dvd Paketti 4 (sis. 6 dvd) -70%

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