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Koulu dvd paketti 2 (sis 6 dvd) -90%

 Enjoying Cross Country with Mary King

sisältää 6 dvd:tä
Norm. hinta.  215,00€

- Enjoying Riding (39,00€)
- Enjoyting Dressage (39,00€)
- Through the Judge`s eye with Stephen Clark vol 2 (38,00€)
- Hall of fame, Great Dressage horses 1 (33,00€)
- Hall of Fame,  Great Dressage horses 2 (33,00€)
- White horses of Lipizza (33,00€)


Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina, Dvd

Enjoying Riding, Sederholm Tina, Dvd

A well balanced and effective seat is the foundation for successful riding and even the best riders in the world have to consistantly check up on their seat throughout their riding life. This exercises in this programme will help you develop better balance and flexibilty and improve the coordination and sensitivity of your aids, bot on the flat and for jumping, so your riding becomes a more enjoyable experience. 

1. Working with short stirrup and the two¨ 
point position. 
2. Sitting level. 
3. Position of pelvis and preparation for sitting trot. 
4. Legs away. 
5. The elastic contact. 
6. Coordinating your hands. 
7. Using your body to turn the horse. 
8. Where you look is where you go. 
9. Transitions. 

Approx. 152 mins.

Enjoying dressage vol 1, Davison Richard, Dvd

Enjoying dressage , Davison Richard, Dvd

This is an easy to learn guide which everyone will find easy to watch and understand. 
In the first of a progressive series of programmes Richard Davison sets out the fundamental principles of good dressage with the help of training pupils and his wife Gillian. 
Says Richard "Horses go as well as we ride them; Dressage is horse gymnastics and riders require self discipline and control - this may sound serious and it is but you can also have lots of laughs along the way."
In the first programme in this series Richard concentrates on the rider´s position and how the rider influences the horse´s way of going. 

The chapters of this programme are: 
- The Riders Position 
- The Seat Bones 
- Correcting Positional Faults 
- The Sitting Trot 
- The Going on His Own Exercise 
- Response to the Rider´s Leg 
- Accepting the Bit 
- Half Halt 
- Riding a Circle 
- Riding a Corner 

Approx 86 mins

Through the Judge`s eye with Stephen Clark vol 2

Through the Judge`s eye with Stephen Clark vol 2


Through the Judge`s eye with Stephen Clarke 
Volume2, Medium & Advanced Medium. 
A range of horses are used in many test situations performing specific movements from medium and advanced medium tests. A must for all competitors, judges and aspiring judges alike. Along with the video you will find a `crig sheet` to compare your own thoughts with the marks and comments given gy Stephen Clarke. 

Approx. 90 mins

Hall of Fame, Great Dressage Horses 1, dvd

Hall of Fame, Great Dressage Horses 1, dvd

Through popular demand Great Dressage Horses 1, originally produced for video in 1993 is no available ion DVD. 

Equestrian Vision has been in existence for over 25 years and from its existence archive library has unearthed classic footage of former champions. 

To any dressage connoisseur the following names will bring back great memories Ahlerich, Dutch Courage, Marzog, Corlandus, Matador, Dutch Gold, Andiamo, Dikson, Gigolo, Ideaal, Goldstern, Fabienne and Rembrandt. 

Approx 58 mins.

Hall of Fame, Great Dressage Horses 2, dvd

Hall of Fame, Great Dressage Horses 2, dvd

Over the last 10 years or so we have witnessed the rise and rise of dressage, expecially fo music, as a crowed pulling sport, culminating in the Kur at the 2006 World Equestrian Games whitch arracted a capacity 60.000 people to the Aachen stadium in Germany. 

In this DVD we look back at 10 great horses of the era who have been so instrumental in propelling dressage up the popilarity charts and see some of their great performances. 

The horses featured in the DVD, in the order they appear ar: 
- Bonfire 
- Gigolo 
- Farbenfroh 
- Beauvolais 
- Invasor 
- Brentina 
- Rusty 
- Blue Hors Matinee 
- Satchmo 
- Salinero 

Approx 90 min

White horses of Lipizza, Dvd (-60%)

White horses of Lipizza, Dvd (-60%)

White horses of Lipizza The beautiful Lipizzaners are known and loved throughout the world. 'The White Horses of Lipizza' follows their turbulent history and explores their rich heritage. The programme chronicles the dramatic story of these legendary animals, tracing their origin from their origin from their birthplace at Lipizza, Slovenia to the Austrian State Stud. With unique warttime footage taken during their evacuation at Upper Austria and behind the scenes at the imperial Spanish riding School, this magnificent horse can be seen at work and play. 

Approx. 50 mins








 Koulu dvd paketti 2 (sis 6 dvd) -90%

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