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Este dvd paketti 2 (sis 5 dvd) -90%

Enjoying Cross Country with Mary King

Este dvd paketti 2  tarjous hinta vain 94,00 €
(norm. Hinta 188,50)

sisältää 5 dvd:tä

Pippa Funnell- Good foundations Flatwork and jumping, Double DVD (54,00)   

The making of a champion Rodrigo Pessoa  (37.00)

Milton ”the millionaire” & Simply the Best double dvd (22,50) style="text-decoration: underline;">

Nelson Pessoa, schooling the Showjumper & A lesson With Ludger Beerbaum double dvd, (38,00)

Dressage for Jumping (37,00)

Pippa Funnell- Good foundations Flatwork and jumping, Double DVD

Pippa Funnell- Good foundations Flatwork and jumping, Double DVD


Pippa Funnell will tell you that the sigle most important ingredient in her 
phenomenal success story is good old fashioned hard graft coupled with a 
total rejection od the imperfeckt. 

Her dedication has made her a champion and in this double DVD she explains 
and demonstrates many of her fundamental riding principles, plus exercises, 
that se believes are crucial to successful riding. 

In disc 1- Flatwork- Pippa forks with 2 pupils as well as riding herself. 
The main chapters are: 
working on the rider`s balance 
moving forward from the leg 
improving the upper body position 
a lesson for Antoinette Mckeowen 
Pippa rides Antoinette`s horse 
exercises to help you ride more accurately 
putting it all together at the walk, trot and canter 
approx 95 mins 

In disc 2 - Jumping - Pippa again applies the se principles of balance, 
straightness and rhythm, and working with another pupil, jumps in the 
school. The main chapters are 
poles on a circle 
adding a cross pole to the circle 
poles in a straight line 
adding a jump to the line of poles 
putting it all together over a course 
approx 58 mins

Making of a champion Pessoa Rodrigo, Dvd

Making of a champion Pessoa Rodrigo, Dvd


This DVD is the story of the Worlds number one show jumper from early day footage of him on his pony, to many of his unique successes in International competition. 

Approx.47 mins. DVD 

Milton, double dvd

Milton, double dvd

Milton - "The Millionaire" 
Milton Simply the showjumping tour

Milton - The Millionaire - is a tribute to the greatest horse ever seen in the sport of showjumping. Approx 58 mins. 

Simply the Best Showjumping Tour - The brilliant John Whitaker and Geoff Billington combine teaching with entertainment and horsemanship. Approx. 85 mins. Double DVD.

59 + 85 mins


Ludger Beerbaum / Nelson pessoa double dvd

Ludger Beerbaum / Nelson pessoa double dvd


Nelson Pessoa Schooling the Showjumper 
Brazil´s Nelson Pessoa is one of the world´s most famous and respected riders. He competed succesfully at the highest level for over thirty years and won many of showjumping´s major prizes. His vast experience coupled with the deep knowledge and understanding of horses has allowed him to stay at the top of his sport during his distinguished career and his classical style of riding has gained him international respect. This DVD is based on a lecture demonstration given at Towerlands Equestrian Centre by Nelson Pessoa and, riding his own horses, he demonstrates many of the techniques he uses when preparing for all levels of competition. The programme, introduced by Graham Fletcher, is divided into three sections... 
1) The novice horse- 29 mins 
2) The intermediate horse - 20 mins 
3) The more experienced horse - 20 mins 

Nelson Pessoa demonstrates with these three horses, the methods he uses when training the showjumper from novice to advanced. He shows exercises, both on the flat and over fences to achieve suppleness and obedience and explains how to overcome the problems that may occur. Specific points are made clearer by the use of graphics. 
Approx 75 mins 

A Lesson with Ludger Beerbaum 

Ludger Beerbaum is the 1992 Olympic Champion and world number 1 showjumper. This programme shows Ludger working with various well known riders such as Tina Cassan, Rob Hoekstra, Rodney Powell, Charlotte Bathe, Tiny Clapham when visiting Towerlands Equestrian Centre. He clearly demonstrates his fundamental principles and techniques for the schooling of the showjumping horse/pony, whatever their standard. He also rides two horses and very quickly shows how the application of these principles improves the horse´s performance. 
Narrated by Grahan Fletcher 
Approx 65 mins 

Total approx 140 mins

Dressage for jumping, Dvd

Dressage for jumping, Dvd

Double Olympion International Dressage rider Richard Davison (RD), is joined by show jumping legend John Whitaker (JW) and his son Robert (RW) for 90 mins. of fascinating and comprehensive instruction on the flat and over jumps, as Richard's dressage expertise is moulded with the Whitakers' jumping prowess. 

In order of appearance the programme consists of: 
1) The training session 
- RD- Suppleness, response to the leg, half halt, further training (counter canter) and cooling down. 
2) The Young horse 
- JW & RD - Assessing and tackling common promlems 
3) Seeing a Stride 
- RD, JW & RW - exercises to arrive correctly at take-off. 
- RD & JW - shortening and legthening on the flat 
- RD - shortening and legthening beween jumps 
4) Jumping a course- 
- RD & JW - Applying the dressage principles between jumps 
5) The Flying Change 
- RD - Basic exercises working up to the flying change
- RD - What to do when things go wrong 
6) Against The Clock 
- RD & JW - Improving the turn for the jump-off / how not to do it / turning back on yourself 
7) RD- Advanced exercises on the flat to perfect the turn shoulder in -canter pirouettes. 

A comprohensive reference for jumping and dressage alike. 

Approx. 85 mins.








 Este dvd paketti 2 (sis 5 dvd) -90%

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