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Enjoying Cross Coutry with Mary King (34,90€) 

Dressage for Jumping (37,00)

Lucinda Green, Cross Country Riding  (29,90) 

Andrew Hoy, Four by Four double dvd (39,00)
Thrills & Spills 1&2 (29,50)

Milton ”the millionaire” & Simply the Best double dvd (22,50)

Great Event Horses 1 (34,90)

Great Event Horses 2 (34,90)

Enjoying Cross Country with Mary King, dvd

Enjoying Cross Country with Mary King, dvd

This is the latest DVD to join the "Enjoying" range from Equestrian Vision. In this training programme, world class, Olympic event rider, Mary King spends the day at Bicton Arena in Devon where she explains, demonstrates and passes on her successful techniques and useful tips. Mary's positive riding has been a feature of international cross country riding for many years and this DVD focuses on positive thinking. 

The chapters in this training programme cover the following areas: Getting Ready - Horse and Rider, Warming Up, The First Fence, Ditch and Rail, On the Turn, Jumping Up and Down and Water. A number of different fences and combinations are jumped and this DVD is relevant to anyone wishing to ride across country, whether it is at an event or out on the hunting field. 

The Chapters are: 
Taching up 
Riding kit 
Rider`s position 
Ditches and rails 
Jumping On the Turn 
Jumping Up and Down 

Approx 67 mins.

Dressage for jumping, Dvd

Dressage for jumping, Dvd

Double Olympion International Dressage rider Richard Davison (RD), is joined by show jumping legend John Whitaker (JW) and his son Robert (RW) for 90 mins. of fascinating and comprehensive instruction on the flat and over jumps, as Richard's dressage expertise is moulded with the Whitakers' jumping prowess. 

In order of appearance the programme consists of: 
1) The training session 
- RD- Suppleness, response to the leg, half halt, further training (counter canter) and cooling down. 
2) The Young horse 
- JW & RD - Assessing and tackling common promlems 
3) Seeing a Stride 
- RD, JW & RW - exercises to arrive correctly at take-off. 
- RD & JW - shortening and legthening on the flat 
- RD - shortening and legthening beween jumps 
4) Jumping a course- 
- RD & JW - Applying the dressage principles between jumps 
5) The Flying Change 
- RD - Basic exercises working up to the flying change
- RD - What to do when things go wrong 
6) Against The Clock 
- RD & JW - Improving the turn for the jump-off / how not to do it / turning back on yourself 
7) RD- Advanced exercises on the flat to perfect the turn shoulder in -canter pirouettes. 

A comprohensive reference for jumping and dressage alike. 

Approx. 85 mins.

Lucinda Green Cross country Riding,

Lucinda Green Cross country Riding,


This DVD is designed to help anyone who competes or intends to compete in horse trials, hunter trials or team chases.Lucinda gives practical advice on how to obtain the best results and gives a fascinating insight into techniques that have contributed to her many successes. 

Lucinda Green, ex-World and European champion and record six times Badminton winner, ranks as one of the most ecperienced riders of alla time. In this programme you are able to benefit from the vast depth of knowledge that se has gained, as she takes you around many of the obstacles that you are likely to find on a corss country course. 

Looking closely at many types of fences an their alternatives, Lucinda discusses the important points that should be considered when walking the course and, using a variety of different horses and riders, demonstrates how each of the obstacles and their alternatives are negotiaded. She gives helpful tips on how to ride various fences and deals with the problems that can arise. 

Only a few rules can be applied to cross contry riding, as there are so many dirrering factors involved, such as the experience and type of horse, the terrain, weather and going. Lucinda gives practical advice on how to obtain the best results and gives a fashinating insight into techniques that have contributed to her many successes. .

 Approx 50 mins

Andrew Hoy, Four by Four, double dvd

Andrew Hoy, Four by Four, double dvd

In this double DVD Four by Four Andrew Hoy explains and demonstrates with the help of others, the simplicity of his 'Four by Four' approach that has helped take him to the top of the sport of eventing. Andrew Hoy has won three Olympic Golds, an Olympic Silver medal, Burghley Horse Trials and Badminton. He is also renowned for his excellent lecture demonstrations around the world and these DVDs are visual proof of their highly informative content. 

Disc 1 

Andrew Hoy rides two horses in this programme, the highly promising Swizzle In and a novice horse Moonfleet, who at the time had yet to compete but who went on to win Burghley and Badminton. Andrew works both horses on the flat and schools over show jumps and cross country fences to demonstrate that the application of his 'Four by Four' philosophy is constant throughout the horse's career from Novice to Advanced. 

Disc 2 

Andrew Hoy now takes up the role of instructor and is joined by his wife Bettina, the 1997 European Champion. Together they assist two pupils who are in the early stages of their eventing careers. Andrew also works with Bettina as she rides Unsung Hero, an intermediate eventer, and deals with related distances and narrow fences. Later in the programme Andrew and Bettina tackle a variety of cross country fences. In all cases it is clear how the implementation of the 'Four by Four' method works, both on the flat and over fences.

Approx. 60 mins each

Thrills & Spills 1&2, Dvd

Thrills & Spills 1&2, Dvd

Thrills & Spills 1 
Some outstanding moments of showjumping and eventing are captured on this enertaining video - horses and riders attempting and achieving the impossible with spectacular leaps over obstacles, sperb riding across country and astonishing near vertical climbs by bareback riders in the Puissance. Some of the greatest horses of all are including Milton, Priceless and Charisma. 
But that is not all - the video shows in embrassing detail the times when all goes wrong: when the horse simply walks through the wall, or refuses and his rider sails over the jump on his own! In the rivetting second section we see some of the falling and struggling with mud, with fences and with water. The hilarious final section brings a whole new meaning to the idea of getting wet. 

Thrills & Spills 2 
The waiting is over and this is just pure entertainment - a marvelous coctail of cross country, showjumping and steeplechasing action. 
Watch some of the great and most spectacular human and equine performances of the last decade, including Mark Todd`s extraordinary feat riding around Badmington`s awesome cross country course with only one stirrup, a visual tribute to great greys and a jockey`s eye view of riding a steeplechase winner. 
In part two you are entertained with the spectacular and hysterical as horse and rider find all sorts of different ways of disagreeing with each other. 

Thrills & Spills 1&2 
xclusively for DVD Equestrian Vision has combined it's most successful entertainment videos, plus adding a detailed menue to guide the viewer through the different sections. 

From marvelling at the exploits of brilliant horses, like Milton and Bonfire, being a virtual streeplechase jockey to laughing yourself silly as rider after rider hits the dirt, this is entertainment of the highest order. 

approx 70 mins

Milton, double dvd

Milton, double dvd

Milton - "The Millionaire" 
Milton Simply the showjumping tour

Milton - The Millionaire - is a tribute to the greatest horse ever seen in the sport of showjumping. Approx 58 mins. 

Simply the Best Showjumping Tour - The brilliant John Whitaker and Geoff Billington combine teaching with entertainment and horsemanship. Approx. 85 mins. Double DVD.

59 + 85 mins

Hall of Fame - Great Event Horses 1, dvd

Hall of Fame - Great Event Horses 1, dvd

Over the past ten years Martin Bird Productions have produced review programs from the major three day events. This extensive library of footage gives Equestrian Vision the opportunity to show you some of the most memorable performances from the world’s greatest event horses of recent years. 

This is the second program in the Hall of Fame series. It features extensive excerpts of cross country action, plus a selection of the best dressage and showjumping performances, as the great riders like Ginny Leng, Ian Stark, Lucinda Green and Blyth Tait thrill you with their skills in making their horses the legends they themselves have become. 

The horses selected for this program are: 

Master Craftsman 
Murphy Himself 
Oxford Blue 
Sir Wattie 
The Irishman 
Regal Realm 
Beagle Bay 
Sir Barnaby 
King William 
Get Smart 
Kibah Tic Toc 
JJ Babu 
Feine Dama

approx 50minc


Hall of Fame - Great Event Horses 2, dvd

Hall of Fame - Great Event Horses 2 

Hall of Fame Great Event Horses 2 takes you through some of the most outstanding champions of Eventing from recent times with a full biography of each of the chosen horses and a list of all their major achievements. 

Featured horses are: 

Eagle Lion 
Ready Teddy 
Star Appeal 
Supreme Rock 
Winsome Adante 
Over To You 
Custom Made 
Broadcast News 
Shear H2O 
Primmore's Pride 
Bertie Blunt 
Shear L'Eau 
Headley Brittania 

Lucinda Green is in the expert's chair for this exciting ride through eventing history since 1994. 

90 mins.

approx 90minc











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