DVD PAKETTITARJOUS 1 (sis. 11 dvd) - 90%

Erä kisadvd:ta vuosien 2003 - 2007 väliltä
11 dvd paketti.
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Enjoying Cross Country with Mary King


Erä kisadvd:ta vuosien 2003 - 2007 väliltä 
11 dvd paketti. 
normaalihinnalla yhteensä 422,9€ 

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Badminton Horse Trials 2007

Badminton Horse Trials 2007

77 combinations form 13 countries passed the Ground Jury at the start of the 2007 event but 22 would withdraw before cross country due to the firm ground.

Despite this the competition lacked nothing in excitement and drama with a truly international flavour to the leader board. 

Burghley Champion Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) and the diminutive mare Headley Britannia posted a challenging dressage score of 34.8 on the Thursday and were never headed, Headley Britannia becoming the first mare to win the coveted trophy since 1952. 

Extensive cross country action is sadwitched between dressage highlihgts and the final show jumping with Headley Britannia´s performance being shown in full. 

1. Lucinda Fredericks, 2. Andreas Dibowski, 3. Kim Severson, 4. Matt Ryan 
5. Andrew Nicholson, 6. Hinrich Romeike, 7.Joe Meyer, 
8. Andrew Nicholson, 9. Sarah Cohen, 10. Peter Thomsen 
Expert commentary by Mike Tucker 
approx 100 mins

FEI European Championship, Mannheim 2007, Jumping

FEI European Championship, Mannheim 2007, Jumping

FEI European Jumping Championships. 2007. DVD The 2007 FEI Jumping Championships celebrated 50 years of thrilling competition with another chapter of European jumping history unfolding in Mannheim, Germany. 

The championship was full of excitement and drama, team gold going to Netherlands, who added on more title to their world gold, conquering th-much vaunted German team as in Aachen the previous year. 

The top 25 then rode two more tough rounds for individual glory. 

Meredith Michaels-Beermaum (GER) and Shutterfly were unstoppable, they didn`t have a single bar down throughout the four days of the championship in taking the individual Gold medal. 

This DVD contains higlights of both the team and individual competitions, including interviews wth the winners. 

Gold - Netherlands 
Silver - Germany 
Bronze - Great Britain 

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER), Shutterfly 
Jos Lansink (BEL), Al-Kaheel Cavalor Cumano 
Lunger Beerbaum (GER), Goldfever 

Approx. 104 mins

FEI, European Dressage finals La Mandria 2007

The German team have never been dethroned from top spot since the competition started in 1965 but in 2007 history was made by The Neatherlands as Olympic Champion Anky van Grunsven led the team to a famous win itn the italian heat at La Mandria, Turin. 

The best performances of the team competition are shown on disc 1 with highlights of the winning round by Isabel Werth in the Grand Prix Special starting off disc 2 followed by the top tests from the Kur, being shown in full. 

Once again Anky van Grunsven was a decisive winner on Salinero in the Kur with a performance that was almost foot perfect gaining her a unanimous decision from all 5 judges. 

Team 1. Netherlands, 2. Germany, 3 Sweden 
Individual 1. Anky van Grunsven, 2. Isabell Werth, 3. Imke Schellekens-Bartels 

Approx. 90 mins / dvd total 180 mins 
Expert commentary by Richard Davison 

Double DVD

FEI World Cup Finals 2007, Las Vegas, Dressage, dvd

FEI World Cup Finals 2007, Las Vegas, Dressage, dvd

Elegance, control, passion and glamour combined as some of the best riders in the world came together for the Rolex FEI World Cup Finals in Las Vegas. 

11 Riders from 6 countries performed their freestyles to music to stake their claim for this coveted dressage title. 

Savour the excitement and drama with every round of this worldclass competition, all of the kur tests being shown in full. 

1. Isabell Werth, 
2. Imke Schellekens-Bartels, 
3 Steffen Peters, 
4. Kyra Kyrklund, 
5. Jan Brink, 
6. Courtney King, 
7. Catherine Haddad, 
8. Iryna Lis, 
9. Marlies Van Baalen, 
10. Leslie Morse, 
11. Edward Gal 

Approx. 90 mins 
Expert commentary by Richard Davison

FEI World Equestrian games Aachen 2006, Reining

FEI World Equestrian games Aachen 2006, Reining

World Equestrian Games. Reining. 
Approx.100 mins.

FEI World Equestrian games Aachen 2006, Jumping

FEI World Equestrian games Aachen 2006, Jumping

World Equestrian Games Showjumping DVD. 
Approx. 104 mins.

FEI World Equestrian games Aachen 2006, Dressage Team

FEI World Equestrian games Aachen 2006, Dressage Team

World Equestrian Games Dressage Team. DVD. Approx.100 mins

Badminton Horse Trials 2006

Badminton Horse Trials 2006

63 Riders representing 12 countries, with 10 riders runnig 2 horses, contested the first short format Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. 

Leader after day one of dressage was Ingrid Klimke (GER) riding Sleep Late but on the Friday Andrew Hoy took the lead on his second ride, the 15 year Moonfleet, owned by Sue Magnier. 

The cross country course was deemed well up to 4 star standard but 19 went round inside the time including Moonfleet and another 46 went clear with time penalties. 

" I think all the riders, owners and trainers thought it was a serious test. Conditions were perfect, the ground was perfect and the weather ideal", said Event Director and Course Designer Hugh Thomas. 

A dramatic show jumping finale saw the evergreen 18 yeard old Over To You move up to 7 places to 4th with one of the only 5 show jumping clears on the Sunday. to finish on his dressage score, a feat only matched by the winner Andrew Hoy and Moonfleet and Andrew thus becoming the oldest winner of the most coveted trophy on eventing. 

The best of the Dressage and the show jumping finale sandwitch extensive cross country highlights. 

approx. 100 mins

FEI European Dressage Championships 2005, Double DVD

FEI European Dressage Championships 2005, Double DVD

Ullrich Kasselmaann and his team in Hagen, Germany came to rescue of these Championships after Moscow had to cancel at short notice and put on 4 days of top class competition. Anky van Grunsven went into the event on the hot favourite and did not disappoint her fans, leading from start to finish and being placed first in all 3 tests. 

The team competition was a nail biting affair with Germany being pushed all the way by the Dutch and only winning Gold by .54%. In addition the battle for the bronze medal was a cliffhanger after Spain and Sweden finished on the same score and the Spanish Chef D´Eguipe requested the medals be shared, despite Spain being technical winners on count back. Great Brittain finished 5th with Carl Hester excelling on Escapado and then he put in a lifetime best performance in the Special to finish 3rd. 
In the Kur the weather did it`s best to ruin the competition and conditions did effect some of the horses but Anky kept her cool on a very `hot` Salinero with a masterful piece of riding complete the clean sweep of Olympic, World Cup and European titles. 

Disc 1 consists of brief highlights of the Grand Prix and extensive coverageog the Special without commentary. The top 12 in Kur: with expert commentary by Richard Davison (which can be turned off if required) make up disc 2. 

Disc 1 approx 90 mins, 
Disc 2 approx 90 mins

Athens Olympic Games 2004, Showjumping

Athens Olympic Games 2004, Showjumping

In the team event,k Germany once again swept all before them as they won their third consceutive Olympic team gold medal. 

Approx.120 mins

.FEI Dressage to Music Finals, Gothenburg 2003, dvd

FEI Dressage to Music Finals, Gothenburg 2003, dvd

FEI Dressage to Music Finals, Gothenburg 2003

1. U. Satzegeber / Rusty 
2. D. McDonald / Brentina 
3. H. Kemmer / Albano 
4. G. Seidel / Nikolaus 
5. I. Werth / Antohony FRH 
6. G. Williams / Rocher 
7. C. Pläge / Regent 
8. R. Davison / Bellaseyr Roayale 
9. J. Brink / Björdells Briar 
10. A. Korelova / Balagur







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