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Conrad Schumacher`s Dressage System vol.1 -

Hello and welcome.

Have you ever experianced a situation where you cannot achieve your goals in the competition ring? How can things that go well at home go so wrong during the competition? The answer ia a lack of quality preparation and mentall fitness.

In this dvd i will show you correct way to approach you preparation at home so that you can optimese your performace on the show ground. Watching this dvd will help you to:
- understand my 3 prerequisites for success in the competition ring
- learn about quality preparation and how it can improve your test riding performance
- Learn about Mental Fitness and how you can achieve it.
- Discover how to ride at your omptimum capacity.

Training is my passion and I am excited to share my dressage system with you so that you and your horse can work at your optimum capacity and will be pretared to win!

This DVD is designed for Novice competition levels and is suitable for all types of rider from those just starting out to experienced trainers and competitors. Enjoy and good luck!

- Conrad Schumacher -

Approx. 53 mins.

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Conrad Schumacher`s Dressage System vol.1 -
 Conrad Schumacher`s Dressage System vol.1 -

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