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Horse-friendly Riding, Susan McBane

Horse-friendly Riding - Schooling That Puts the Horse First

189 x 246 mm
200 pages

This thought-provoking new book from Susan McBane looks at riding largely from the horse's point of view, encouraging the development of the policy of putting the horse first. Most people who love their horses would hate to think that the way they rode them caused them discomfort but with so many conflicting 'expert' views out there they end up not knowing who to believe, what to do or what is right and wrong. The most important source to consult as to whether or not a technique or policy is horse-friendly is the horse himself. Knowing how to ride in a way which does not distress the horse, which he understands, which he is not frightened of or finds confusing will enrich the lives of both horse and rider.

Author Biography:
Susan McBane began riding before she started school and has long experience of riding and caring for her own and other people's horses and ponies, ranging from children's ponies to racehorses. She has an HNC in Equine Science and Management, is an equine shiatsu therapist, an Associate Member of the International Society for Equitation Science, and a Classical Riding Club member and Gold Award holder. In 1978, she co-founded the Equine Behaviour Study Circle (now the Equine Behaviour Forum) with the late Dr Moyra Williams and still edits its member's journal, Equine Behaviour. She is the author of countless magazine articles and over forty equestrian books, including From Warming Up to Cooling Down (J.A. Allen, 2007). Many of her books are on college reading lists and are in demand around the world.

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Horse-friendly Riding, Susan McBane
 Horse-friendly Riding, Susan McBane

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