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The Circle of trust, Walter Zettl

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Walter Zettl has truly written his magnus opus. In this beautiful book, Herr Zettl discusses those who have a critical influence on the welfare of horses and future of the sport of dressage. That group includes the breeder; the owner and sponsor; the rider; the trainer and/or instructor; the stable manager and groom; the show committee and the judge. It is Herr Zettl's intention in writing this book to challenge all those involved with horses to acknowledge the mission and commitment of their chosen roles.

Walter Zettl is considered to be one of the world's most accomplished masters of classical dressage training and a true advocate for the welfare of his beloved horses. He is a much sought-after teacher and clinician, who is known for his warm and sympathetic approach to teaching. His first book, Dressage in Harmony, was dedicated to the riding and training of horses and received wide acclaim

hardcover, 214 x 240 mm, 175 pages

The Circle of trust, Walter Zettl
 The Circle of trust, Walter Zettl

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