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Vaulting my sport, Dvd

This educational video is full of variety and new ideas which will make it interesting for vaulters, parents and trainers alike. You will learn step-by-step and easy to follow - from unusual and very instructive (camera) angles - all about basic vaulting exercises.

The film shows you:
- Static as well as dynamic individual exercises
- Ideas for Kur moves as weit as impressions of Kur routines
- The right know-how about the vaulting horse
- A lot of ideas for many different attractive exercises - around and on the horse - which are very helpful for successful and motivating practices for basics in vaulting.

Historial pictures give an insight into the history of vaulting and descrige its development up to the present day. A furter highlight at the end of the film is the fashinating top-level sport presented at the International Vaulting Competition in Rhede/Germany.

- Pectacular! Extra freestyles of different world champions
- Find out and learn! The letter circle.
- Simply fantastic! Listen and watch different gaits.
- Champions, World champions from 1986 - 2002
- Horses are therapist on 4 hooves, Vaulting as a therapy
- Your vaulting dictionary, Germain - English

Approx.50 mins.+ dvd special
Launguage Dt/engl.

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Vaulting my sport, Dvd
 Vaulting my sport, Dvd

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