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FEI, European Dressage finals La Mandria 2007 double dvd

The German team have never been dethroned from top spot since the competition started in 1965 but in 2007 history was made by The Neatherlands as Olympic Champion Anky van Grunsven led the team to a famous win itn the italian heat at La Mandria, Turin.

The best performances of the team competition are shown on disc 1 with highlights of the winning round by Isabel Werth in the Grand Prix Special starting off disc 2 followed by the top tests from the Kur, being shown in full.

Once again Anky van Grunsven was a decisive winner on Salinero in the Kur with a performance that was almost foot perfect gaining her a unanimous decision from all 5 judges.

Team 1. Netherlands, 2. Germany, 3 Sweden
Individual 1. Anky van Grunsven, 2. Isabell Werth, 3. Imke Schellekens-Bartels

Approx. 90 mins / dvd total 180 mins
Expert commentary by Richard Davison

Double DVD


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