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Badminton Horse Trials 2007

Loput -70%

77 combinations form 13 countries passed the Ground Jury at the start of the 2007 event but 22 would withdraw before cross country due to the firm ground.

Despite this the competition lacked nothing in excitement and drama with a truly international flavour to the leader board.

Burghley Champion Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) and the diminutive mare Headley Britannia posted a challenging dressage score of 34.8 on the Thursday and were never headed, Headley Britannia becoming the first mare to win the coveted trophy since 1952.

Extensive cross country action is sadwitched between dressage highlihgts and the final show jumping with Headley Britannia´s performance being shown in full.

1. Lucinda Fredericks, 2. Andreas Dibowski, 3. Kim Severson, 4. Matt Ryan
5. Andrew Nicholson, 6. Hinrich Romeike, 7.Joe Meyer,
8. Andrew Nicholson, 9. Sarah Cohen, 10. Peter Thomsen
Expert commentary by Mike Tucker
approx 100 mins

Badminton Horse Trials 2007
 Badminton Horse Trials 2007

Hinta: 37.00 €
Valm. koodi: Equestrian Vision
Tuotekoodi: 274101586
Koko: 100 min
Varastossa: 1


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